What A Mess
  3rd October 2019

Like to get messy? So do Justin Cross and Bar Addison, especially during sex! After they play around in the mud--think female mud wrestling, but hotter because it's twinks with big cocks--Justin and Bar make out then take turns sucking each other. When Addison can't wait any longer, he straddles Justin...

Tickle Fetish
  19th September 2019

Justin Cross and Jackson Wright chill on a Saturday afternoon. When Jackson confides in Justin, telling him that the boyfriend isn't much into foreplay. Naturally, Justin is suddenly in the mood to play with the twink. He touches, then tickles Jackson, who laughs hysterically. Now we know why his boyfriend...

Fucking Daniel Hausser
  5th September 2019

Daniel Hausser visits Justin Cross for practice. Except Justin isn't ready. And he doesn't really give a fuck because, according to him, he's going to fuck Daniel anyway. Well… with an opening line like that who can refuse? The dark-haired, hunk-like twink starts making out with Daniel, and the adorable...

Footie with Justin Cross and Chris Summers
  22nd August 2019

After a long game, Justin Cross and Chris Summers can finally relax. Except there's one problem. Justin lost, and Chris is worried about his buddy's feelings. He gives himself up as a consolation prize, and since there isn't a person in the world who can say no to such an offer, the two are immediately...

Justin Cross and Jackson Wright
  8th August 2019

Justin Cross is training Jackson Wright to determine what he's made of. But if this scene is any indication, we already know what Jackson is made of... a healthy curiosity about sex, lust for a huge cock, and the grit and determination to get himself, and Justin, off! It takes little time for Jackson...

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