Footie with Justin Cross and Chris Summers
  22nd August 2019

After a long game, Justin Cross and Chris Summers can finally relax. Except there's one problem. Justin lost, and Chris is worried about his buddy's feelings. He gives himself up as a consolation prize, and since there isn't a person in the world who can say no to such an offer, the two are immediately...

Justin Cross and Jackson Wright
  8th August 2019

Justin Cross is training Jackson Wright to determine what he's made of. But if this scene is any indication, we already know what Jackson is made of... a healthy curiosity about sex, lust for a huge cock, and the grit and determination to get himself, and Justin, off! It takes little time for Jackson...

Bathtub Fun
  30th May 2019

Justin jerks off quietly in the tub until he shoots his load. Look at the water!

Justin Cross and Xavier Ryan - 2
  23rd May 2019

Justin Cross is a budding photographer and Xavier Ryan is his more than willing subject. After Justin takes some test shots of Xavier, they head back home where they can lay down and cuddle. Except cuddling makes them horny. Next thing you know, Justin is making love to Xavier's cock with his mouth,...

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